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Do you require a private MRI scan in the Leeds area? Tired of waiting for a referral from you GP? Then look no further than National MRI Scan. Our professional, experienced and reliable team will help you from start to finish, and get your scan booked in at one of our 7 Leeds-based clinical sites within just one week.

With our easy-to-use online booking system you'll have results in minutes. Choose a location, budget and date that suits you, and we'll be in touch to confirm the details. Once a booking has been made we aim to scan and report patients in just 7 days or less, meaning that you or your loved one is seen to as quickly as possible, avoiding long and variable NHS waiting times.

If our medical team deem that a scan is not required after the initial consultation phase, you'll receive a full refund, and guidance on appropriate alternative steps. All scans are read and reported on by our medical team, led by our Consultant Radiologist Khalid Latief, BMSc,MBChB, FRCP, FRCR, and Registered Osteopath, Mr M. Jasper Nissim.

To find out more about our private diagnostic scans in Leeds, please contact us today - we're always happy to help with any enquiry.

How much does a private MRI scan in Leeds cost?

Scan prices start from just £299* We pride ourselves on having no hidden fees, and flexible booking appointments that suit you.

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