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Private MRI Scans in London

Looking for a private MRI scan in London? Then look no further than National MRI Scan. We are partnered with over 24 MRI scanners within central London alone, allowing clients to filter by distance, budget and date to find a clinical site that suits them.

Book your private MRI Scan with us online without a referral from a GP, saving valuable time and undue stress. Our aim is to help those in need to avoid long waiting times, and prevent any further delay in diagnosis and possible treatment.

Once your application have been received and reviewed by our consultants, and your private scan booked, our friendly and experienced team will be in touch to ask any follow up questions and confirm the appointment. We aim to have you screened, scanned and referred within just 7 day - a fraction of the time it would take if you went through the NHS

What's more, if we feel that after the protocol, you do not require an MRI or a different investigation would be more suitable, you'll be refunded in full and advised on what you should do next. All private MRI scans in London are read and reported on by our specialist medical team led by Dr Khalid Latief (Consultant Radiologist BMSc,MBChB, FRCP, FRCR), and Registered Osteopath, Mr M. Jasper Nissim, also liaising with doctors and physiotherapists who have relevant expertise.

So wherever you are in the London area, we've got you covered when it comes to getting the diagnostic care you need. Simply enter your postcode through our online tool and get start browsing today!

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Scan prices start from £295* Enter your postcode and compre our scans - we pride ourselves on having no hidden fees.

Private MRI Scanning Centres in London

BMI The Blackheath Hospital, SE3 9UD
Waterloo Diagnostics Centre 3T, SE1 8RT
Ealing Diagnostics Centre, W13 8RD
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