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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the price of my booking?

  • A pre-scan consultation from one of our medical team over the phone or via email.
  • A written referral by our medical team.
  • The MRI scan at your scanning centre chosen during booking.
  • A written report on your scan by a consultant radiologist.
  • Your scanning images sent electronically to you.
  • A post-scan phone consultation with one of our medical team if there are any adverse findings in your scan.

Do I need a GP referral to get an MRI Scan?

No referral is required for a private MRI scan with us.

One of the benefits of booking through our service is that you will have a remote consultation online with our medical team, who will carry out the referral assessment and arrange your scan with a clinic directly.

Can I self refer?

You do not need a GP referral to book an MRI scan using our online service. We do however require your GP details in case of emergency only.

Can I choose my appointment date and time?

We do not have the facility to check dates and availability before bookings are made.

You will be contacted with 4–10 working days from the date of booking with the details of your appointment.

How do I get my scan results?

A member of our medical team will contact you via email or phone to discuss your scan results and what you need to do next.

In some cases, you may be directed to your GP, if so we’ll provide you with everything you need for the follow-up consultation. Take a look at our booking guide for further information on how it works.

How long does it take to receive results?

Scan reports can take about a week for them to be received by us in the clinic. At this point we get in contact with you to discuss your results.

Please contact us if you do not hear from us after a week.

What happens if I want to cancel my scan?

If you wish to cancel your scan, there will be a £50 fee for the administration work already included in your referral. Failure to give 48 hours notice of your appointment time will result in no refund of fees.

Please view our Terms and Conditions for further information. If you have any further queries don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Do you offer payment plans or finance?

You can split the cost of any of our scans, including Full Body Scans, across three monthly payments using Paypal's 'Buy Now, Pay Later' option during your booking.

There are no additional fees, and the finance is provided at 0% interest.

Please visit Paypal's website to learn more.

Why do locations vary in price?

This is due to different health care companies having different price structures, and is something we do not control.

Can you provide sedation?

Unfortunately we cannot provide sedation for our MRI scans.

How long does an MRI Scan take?

An MRI scan on a single body part typically takes between 10–30 minutes, and may take longer for any additional or more complex scans. Your radiographer will let you know the estimated duration of the procedure beforehand. Visit our page for further information on how magnetic resonance imaging works.

Is an MRI Scan safe?

MRI scans are a perfectly safe and painless procedure, with no associated dangers or risks. The process does not involve an x-ray, which means that there is no exposure to radiation at any point.

Requirements are that patients must remove any metal objects prior to the scan and follow the appropriate safety procedures, and inform the Radiographers of your past medical history. Our medical team will have already let you know if you are not eligible for a scan.

Are there side effects of an MRI Scan?

There are currently no known side-effects of an MRI scan. In the rare case that you experience shortness of breath, a rash or symptoms of an allergic reaction, please notify us immediately. These effects are usually mild, and apply only to those who have had a contrast injection as part of the procedure.

Who can have an MRI Scan?

Metallic materials within the body are not compatible with MRI scanning machines due to the magnets that are used, and therefore a scan is not suitable for anyone with pacemakers, artificial heart valves, cochlear implants or any other metal fragments. Some patients may still be eligible for a scan, and in all cases our consultants will decide if it’s safe for you first.

Although MRI scans do not use radiation, which is potentially harmful for unborn babies, the scan is not typically recommended for pregnant women. You should therefore notify your consultant immediately if there is a chance that you could be pregnant.

Is it safe to have an MRI Scan with tattoos?

Magnetic resonance imaging relies on extremely powerful magnets to produce detailed images of the body. It cannot be said for all tattoos, but tattoo ink can sometimes contain fragments of metal, and therefore react with the magnetic force of the MRI machine.

Unfortunately there is no way to know for certain if a tattoo contains metal, but typically those produced within the past 20 years won’t use metallic ink. In any case it’s always best to discuss existing tattoos with your Doctor or Consultant first prior to the scan.

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