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Learn how you can refer yourself for a private MRI scan using our online booking system.

Find a location near you

Simply enter the body part you need scanning and your postcode/town and you’ll be shown all available locations nearby.

The prices shown for each centre is the total price for your scan, with no hidden fees.

Complete booking form

Take a couple of minutes to fill out your details, including a short safety questionaire to ensure you can have an MRI scan.

Receive appointment details

Once we receive your booking, our medical team will be in contact with you to complete your referral and to ensure that the scan you have chosen is appropriate for your condition.

Current estimated appointment date

4th Mar – 20th Mar

For all bookings made today at any of our centres you can expect an appointment date close to the above.

Appointment details are confirmed with you shortly after our initial consultation.

Find a centre near you

Have your scan

All scans are carried out by highly trained radiographers, who’ll then be able to examine and report on the results.

You’ll find full information on how the MRI scan works and the procedure here.

Wait for your results

After your report is produced our medical team will contact you to explain the results of your scan.

In some cases, the results will be forwarded to your GP or Consultant if this is indicated.

Urgent cases will be expedited and you’ll be contacted as soon as we receive the report of your scan.

That's how simple it is.

Start your search today and book your own private MRI scan.

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