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Who Are We?

National MRI Scan Ltd is owned and run by medical practitioners. It is here to give patients rapid access to private MRI scans and results thanks to our agreements with the two largest providers of MRI scans in the UK.

We endeavour to scan and report in 7 days or less. We can offer you a choice of over 90 venues nationally and you can choose which location you visit and the price that suits your budget. We will tell you if there is a location close to your chosen MRI centre that as a cheaper price. All our prices are published on the website.

The price you pay is a one-off payment unless we decide that you need a contrast injection, or more than one area scanned. We will contact you to discuss this.

If we feel after the protocol, that you do not require an MRI or you need a different investigation, you will be refunded in full and you will be advised what you should do next. Alternatively, if you are not sure if you require a scan or are confused in any way, please either call us or message us here. We will try to get back to you as soon as is possible, remembering that we are often with patients ourselves.

We only refer patients following an online protocol that is carried out by our medical team that includes Consultant Radiologist, Dr Khalid Latief, Consultant Radiologist BMSc,MBChB, FRCP, FRCR Registered Osteopath, Mr M. Jasper Nissim in addition to Doctors and Physiotherapists when required.

All scans are read and reported on by a Consultant Radiologist. After your report is produced, our medical team will contact you and you will be directed to your GP or a Consultant if that is indicated. Urgent cases will be expedited and you will be contacted within 2 days of scanning.

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Client Testimonials

I booked an MRI scan with this company as I have suffered with long term back problems and the waiting list for the NHS to see a surgeon was years. I Was seen really quickly and the service was exceptional. Would highly recommend using them. Saves a lot of time waiting anxiously for it to be done on the NHS. I have already had the results and they were extremely helpful with what treatment I require. This whole process has probably saved me a year of waiting . Thank you

Craig Webber
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Had bad shoulders due to playing cricket,mr jasper advised me proper and gave me good advise highly recommended

Khalil kashaf
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As an Osteopath, we sometimes need to send our patients for imaging to work out what is going on. It can be quite a rigmarole trying to get a referral through the GP and many private MRI companies are too expensive to recommend to a patient. I have now recommended nationalmriscan to many of my patients and they have honesty all had a brilliant experience. They have had scans booked within a few days of phoning (they actually apologised once for not being able to get them in the next day!)...

Sophie Taylor
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After suffering with lower back pain and leg pains/numbness for several weeks (unable to walk unaided, frequently falling over) and being shunned by the Cramlington hospital, I decided to go and see a chiropractor. Upon visiting my chiropractor and undergoing an initial examination, I was told my symptoms were too severe and it seemed like a serious spinal issue. My chiropractor told me there was nothing he could do until I had an MRI scan, which would hopefully shed a light on the issue, and al...

D Walters
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After suffering debilitating back and hip pain for months and being told by doctors that I had “pulled something” I decided to book an mri scan through National MRI Scan as I knew this amount of pain was not normal. I had my mri on the Thursday afternoon and by the Friday morning I had received my results by telephone. Jasper had been trying to get hold of me by telephone and by email, but he continuously called until he reached me. I was told that my pain was due to a spine infection (disc...

E Thiis
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