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We are partnered with over 200 MRI scanning centres throughout the UK. So you can be sure wherever you are located in the country, you’ll be able to find a scanning centre nearby.

We can screen and refer you for a private MRI scan from just £289.

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Get screened and referred in 7 days

Having the correct diagnosis speeds up access to the correct treatment or can put your mind at rest. Either way, an early diagnosis always means a better prognosis.

Average turnaround of 7 days
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Over 200 scanning centres
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Skip long NHS waiting lists

Are you wanting a fast diagnosis for yourself or a loved one? Are you unable to get an NHS MRI scan? Are you on a never ending waiting list? Are you seeking peace of mind?

Our online medical team will refer you and will provide medical recommendations for onward referral once we have received the results of your MRI scan.

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Our goal is to make MRI scans accessible to all, which is why we strive to offer competitive prices and self-pay for patients nationwide.

Single Body Part MRI Scan Cost

  • Remote consultation with our medical team if you don’t have an existing referral.

  • A referral for your scan (no GP referral required).

  • MRI scan carried out by a Radiography team at your chosen scanning centre.

  • All medical care during your procedure.

  • Your MRI scan imaging results along with a consultant radiologists report.

Costs are subject to the individual scanning centre and may change depending on which body part is being scanned.

Additional Body Parts & Other Services

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality, transparent and affordable service for all.

Prices displayed across our website are the final price you’ll pay for a scan.

Any additional charges are always displayed upfront during the booking process.

These are determined on an individual basis by the scanning centre, e.g. for more complex scans, contrast injections or for multi-part body scans.

There are no hidden fees involved in our booking process — simply make a one-off payment at the time of booking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and important information about MRI scans.

How long does an MRI Scan take?

An MRI scan on a single body part typically takes between 15 to 60 minutes, and may take longer for any additional or more complex scans. Your radiographer will let you know the estimated duration of the procedure beforehand. Visit our page for further information on how magnetic resonance imaging works.

Do I need a GP referral to get an MRI Scan?

No referral is required for a private MRI scan with us. One of the benefits of booking through our service is that you will have a remote consultation online with our medical team, who will carry out the referral assessment and arrange your scan with a clinic directly.

How do I get my scan results?

A member of our medical team will give you a call to discuss your scan results and what you need to do next. In some cases, you may be directed to your GP, if so we’ll provide you with everything you need for the follow-up consultation. Take a look at our booking guide for further information on how it works.

What happens if I want to cancel my scan?

If you wish to cancel your scan, there will be a £50 fee for the administration work already included in your referral. Failure to give 48 hours notice of your appointment time will result in no refund of fees.

Please view our Terms and Conditions for further information. If you have any further queries don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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