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  • MRI scans may be significantly better at detecting some breast cancers at an early stage than standard mammograms.

     MRI scans may be significantly better at detecting some breast cancers at an early stage than standard mammograms.

    Professor Peter Dawson, Clinical Director, Vista Diagnostics has noted an interesting article in The Lancet (“MRI for diagnosis of pure ductal carcinoma in situ: a prospective observational study”) which suggests the sensitivity with which ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is diagnosed by MRI scans is greater than with conventional mammograms.

    During a 5-year period, 7319 women were studied and underwent both mammography and MRI scans for screening.

    For more information see The Lancet

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  • MRI scans play a growing role in soccer injuries

     MRI scans play a growing role in soccer injuries

    Football (Soccer) is a very hard physical game and a great variety of injuries are associated with it. For all but superficial ones, imaging is assuming an ever greater role. Imaging techniques range from plain films through ultrasound and to MRI scans.

    The role of the last in soft tissue injuries is growing. MRI is essential in internal derangements of the knee, shoulder injuries and in tendinitis in a variety of sites.

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  • Delayed-enhancement MRI scan for senior marathon runners injuries

    Delayed-enhancement MRI scan for senior marathon runners injuries

    Exercise is good for the heart but, on the other hand, the older the individual the greater the likelihood that it may induce sudden cardiac death! Thus older marathon runners are at some risk.

    A German group has studied MRI scans with late gadolinium enhancement to try to identify those at risk in advance. They performed MRI scans of the myocardium with late gadolinium enhancement in 108 asymptomatic healthy male subjects aged 50 to 72 with a minimum of five completed marathon races during a consecutive three-year period. They also enrolled a control group matched for age and risk factors and excluded subjects with known cardiovascular disease or diabetes mellitus. All subjects in the study underwent gadolinium-enhanced MRI scans, and those with late enhancement underwent additional adenosine stress perfusion imaging.

    The investigators...

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  • MRI can accurately detect and localise ‘deep’ endometriosis

    MRI can accurately detect and localise ‘deep’ endometriosis

    Endometriosis is a chronic and sometimes painful disease which is one of the most common health problems affecting women; endometrium is found in atopic positions outside the uterus. It can be found attached to other organs such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bowels and bladder. Symptoms include chronic pelvic pain, lower back pain, painful sexual intercourse, painful menstrual cramps, fatigue and infertility.

    There are two types of endometriosis: superficial and sub-peritoneal (deep). Superficial endometriosis can be treated with laparoscopy. Deep endometriosis infiltrates areas of the cervix, vagina and/or the colon, and, less frequently, the bladder and ureter and sometimes requires complete surgical excision of the lesions

    It is important that the diagnosis and staging of the disease distinguish between the two types in order to g...

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  • MRI is effective in finding tumours in the contra-lateral breast of women diagnosed with cancer in one breast

    MRI is effective in finding tumours in the contra-lateral breast of women diagnosed with cancer in one breast

    Second tumours in the contra-lateral breast are not uncommon, particularly in older women, and clearly their presence may have significant effects on patient management. Studies have shown that MRI of the breast has a higher cancer detection rate than clinical breast examination and mammography alone in women at high risk for developing breast cancer. Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer are at 2-6 X the risk for developing a secondary, contra-lateral breast cancer, compared to women at average risk.

    The combination of older age and a personal breast cancer history puts women aged 70years or older with newly diagnosed breast cancer at even higher risk for developing a contra-lateral breast cancer. Dr J R Bernard and colleagues at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, found that post-menopausal women, including those over 70 y...

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  • Breast Implant Screening

    Breast Implant Screening

    It has been reported that over 40,000 British women have had PIP Breast implants which may have an increased risk of rupture or silicone leak.

    Safe MRI Breast Screening

    National MRI Scan Ltd can now arrange an effective MRI scan for those women that have had breast implants, not just PIP. This scan has been specifically designed to identify ruptures, tears and silicone leaks.  

    Breast MRI Scan Information

    All reporting is undertaken by Consultant Breast Radiologists with results available within two working days. The MRI scan takes approximately 30 minutes.

    MRI spares some patients invasive cardiac studies

    Invasive catheter cardiac angiography is a powerful diagnostic tool but is far from risk free, particularly in some groups of patients. In those presenting with new-onset heart failure of uncertain etiology, the role of catheter ...

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  • MRI scans could spare 25% of men from prostate biopsies

    MRI scans could spare 25% of men from prostate biopsies

    MRI scans can assess the prostate's shape and health

    "Every man with suspected prostate cancer should have an MRI scan," The Guardian reports. That is the conclusion of a study looking at how well MRI scans compare with the current practice of biopsies; removing sections of prostate tissue for analysis.

    Disadvantages of prostate biopsies include the fact that they can lead to a small risk of side effects, some of which can be serious, such as sepsis.Researchers were looking at an advanced type of MRI scan, known as a multi-parametric MRI, which as well as looking at the shape and size of the prostate, can also assess other factors such as blood flow through the gland.

    The scan was used on more than 500 British men. The results suggest that scanning would safely reduce the number of men needing a biopsy by about a quarter. Moreover, in ...

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  • New Website Launched!

    We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. Created by, a web design company in Nottingham, this new website is mobile responsive and is designed with accessibility in mind. We trust both new and existing customers will find our latest website useful, getting the information they need easily and quickly.

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As part of my treatment, Mr. Nissim decided that before he treated my neck he wanted a second opinion by means of an MRI through National MRI Scan Ltd. Within two days Leicester Nuffield Hospital had contacted me to arrange an appointment at my convenience, and this was arranged within 6 days of them being contacted. Leicester Nuffield Hospital is a very friendly and efficient place and I was seen at exactly the time arranged, and I left the building with a copy of my scan. The results were s...

Robin O'Brien

I had experienced for a number of years an extremely stiff and painful neck and suddenly developed pain in both arms whilst doing some DIY.I became very worried. National MRI Scan was able to refer me to InHealth at the Nottingham City Hospital where I had an MRI of my neck. I received the results and pictures within 6 days. It was such a relief to discover that there wasn’t anything sinister going on and the MRI clearly showed the problem to be degenerative changes.

D Reville

Having suffered from a low back complaint associated with irritable bowel syndrome since my early 20’s National MRI Scan was able to recommend the correct MRI scans which has revealed that the problems I have had for 14 years are related to a disc problem. Following the scans I was referred to a Rheumatologist who asked for an Orthopaedic Surgeons view for further assessment. I have spent the past 8 years attempting to discover what my problem is and at last my search is over. I feel a total s...

Richie Pinder

I have had hip pains for over 6 years and I was unable to get an NHS scan. National MRI Scan referred me and four days later I had my results, all for £295. I have now been advised that I will require a hip replacement. Without this scan I would have continued to suffer.

Mr Colin Stevens

National MRI Scan were able to organise a fast MRI for my neck which has troubled me for many years. I was then able to show these results to my GP . This service allowed me to get an MRI scan very quickly and at a very reasonable price.

Mrs Rachel T

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