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Here at National MRI Scan we help to provide much-needed clarity for those with persistent pain and medical complaints via a private MRI scan at one of our very own clinical centres in Nottingham. We have contracts with 4 scanning sites across the Nottingham area, and what makes our service so unique is that clients can arrange an examination without a GP referral letter, and still receive the expert diagnostic imaging they need.

With our online booking system it couldn't be easier - arrange your scan at a time that suits you and pay there and then. Once an application has gone through our medical protocol our experienced and approachable medical team will then be in touch to finalise your booking and authorise the scan, with any additional follow-up questions. We aim to have all patients assessed and referred within a week, cutting out unnecessary waiting times, delivering diagnostic care with no delay. Sometimes, our specialists may feel that a client is not required to undergo an MRI scan, and in such cases we'll advise you of suitable alternative treatments free of charge, providing a full refund on your initial payment. Either way, our goal is to ensure that the appropriate care is always received as soon as possible, ensuring the chances of a quick recovery.

The results of your MRI scan will be reported by our very own senior medical team, led by Consultant Radiologist Dr Khalid Latief, BMSc,MBChB, FRCP, FRCR, liaising with our fellow Doctors and Physiotherapists here in Nottingham.

So for affordable diagnostic imaging and a service that you can rely on in the East Midlands, contact the specialists at National MRI Scan today!

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