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How much does a Private MRI Scan cost?

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality, transparent service, which means that the prices displayed across our website are the prices you’ll pay for a scan.

There are no hidden fees involved in our booking process — simply make a one-off payment at the time of booking.

Our goal is to make MRI scans accessible to all, which is why we strive to offer competitive prices and self-pay for patients nationwide.

Standard Pricing

Scan costs start from just £289 for a single body part, and are subject to the individual scanning site.

Additional Charges

Additional charges are displayed upfront on the booking page. These are set by the scanning partner for more complex scans, contrast injections or for multi-part body scans.

Over the years we’ve secured contracts with trusted private hospitals and clinics throughout the UK, meaning that not only are we able to offer our customers affordable prices for treatment, but high-class facilities and excellent customer service too.

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What's included in the price of an MRI Scan?

Your one-off payment covers everything, including:

  • A remote consultation with our medical team if you don’t have an existing referral.

  • A referral for your scan.

  • A scan carried out by the Radiography team at the site.

  • All medical care during your procedure.

  • Your MRI scan reported on by our Consultant Radiology team.

  • Contact for the results of your scan with follow-on advice if required, and an electronic copy.

  • The MRI images in an electronic format delivered to you.

  • The consultant's report.

Why Private MRI Scans are worth the cost

Book your scan today And avoid waiting lists

On average, we scan and provide results in 7 days or less.

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