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National MRI Scan Ltd has contracts with over 90 MRI scanning centres throughout the UK. We act as a medical referral service between these MRI scanning centres and those clients who would like to arrange and pay for their own MRI scan privately. Our clients arrange their own scans using this website via our online booking system, enabling them to avoid NHS waiting lists and potential delays in diagnosis. Once a request has successfully been through our medical protocol, the medical team here will authorise the scan.

We can scan a wide variety of clinical applications such as Musculoskeletal, Neurology, ENT, MR Angiography and MRI Venography, Oncology and Body MRI. More complex scans include:

Head Scans for headaches, epilepsy, hearing loss and tinnitus, suspected tumours, and scans of reassurance purposes etc.

Abdomen Scans for differentiation of adenomas from metastasis, MRCP’s, abnormalities noted on other imaging studies which require additional clarification.

Pelvis Scans for both male – prostate and testicular masses etc. and female - various gynaecological scans.

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Fantastic company. Very friendly , very quick and very efficient. Would def recommend and def use again

Kelly Samuel
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Couldn’t be more pleased with the service I received for my MRI! Was seen at a convenient time and my results were super fast! I’ve had an MRI elsewhere previously but this was a much better experience and also less expensive! Would recommend to anyone

Mrs Gore
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I would 100% recommend using this company. Extremely helpful and really fast service. I will definitely use them again in the future!

Lisa Baker
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Jasper was very professional and helpful ,Very comprehensive report received and my results were explained to me properly.

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Excellent service. Speedy appointment at a convenient location for an MRI Scan at a very reasonable cost. Images received within 24 hours and a report issued within 4 days. Highly recommend.

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